About Our Agents & Services

At West Real Estate Agency, we only represent home buyers and, as a Buyer’s Agent, we will help you accomplish your real estate objectives. All licensed agents in Texas must only meet certain minimal educational requirements to conduct real estate activities. At West Real Estate Agency, our Agents have excellent professional skills that are acquired by combining their higher levels of educational achievement with their years of practical experience. In a complex real estate transaction extensive education and experience will “win the day” for you.

Our Professional Agents Serve And Protect You.
Providing you with excellent service is our full-time job. Our highly qualified professional Agents are strictly Buyer’s Agents and they will always work exclusively for you to protect your interests and provide you with the best possible service and assistance. Our Buyer’s Agents will maintain confidentiality about you and your interests, they are completely loyal to you, and, they will always obey all of your lawful instructions.

Our Professional Agents Coordinate All Activities.
There are many people and several different companies that are involved in the process of buying a home and each of these different participants have their own separate requirements for accomplishing their part in the completion of your real estate transaction. At West Real Estate Agency, we will relieve you of the burden of working with all of these different people and companies. We are always available to work with them, answer their calls (and yours) and make certain that the entire home buying process proceeds smoothly from start to finish.

Our Professional Agents Keep You Fully Informed.
Our professional Buyer’s Agents are always aware of all of the ongoing activities affecting the home buying process. They understand what’s happening, have extensive experience, and know every detail of the home-buying process. They will keep you fully informed and carefully explain each step so that you are always knowledgeable of what’s happening at every stage of the process. Efficient communications will make everything run smoother and you won’t have any surprises.

Our Professional Agents Provide You Sound Experience Based Advice.
There are a lot of decisions you’ll have to make when you buy a home. A professional Buyer’s Agent has many years of detailed experience and will always tell you what your options are so that you can make wise decisions regarding your best course of action. Our Buyer’s Agents will offer you sound advice and disclose any information that may affect your decisions throughout the entire home buying process.

Our Professional Agents Have Good Real Estate Contacts.
We have over 20 years of full-time professional real estate experience in Denton, TX and during this time we have acquired many great contacts. People prefer to do business with people they know, trust and respect. You can use our Agent’s relationships with local lenders, property inspectors, title companies, insurance agencies, attorneys, government officials and other real estate agents to your best advantage. Our Agents will refer you to highly skilled service providers who will offer you reliable service with competitive pricing for their services.

Our Professional Agents Don’t Watch The Clock.
Good Agents earn their living by working long and often “odd” hours to assist their clients and they don’t watch the clock or waste your time. They show you as many properties as you may want to consider. They will work any hours that are required to accommodate your busy schedule and never rush you. Professional agents are willing to spend whatever time is necessary to help you find the perfect home.

Our Professional Agents Are Experienced Negotiators.
Our Buyer’s Agents will research the housing market and estimate the fair market value of any home you may select. Our Agent will then assist and counsel you in formulating an offering price for the property. Based on their market experience they will help you develop a negotiating strategy and prepare and present your offer to the seller. They will always work to get you the best terms and the lowest possible price.

Our Professional Agents Communicate And Cooperate With Other Professionals.
Although Our Buyer’s Agents knowledge may be extensive, a good agent knows that trying to be all things to all people invariably results in mediocre or poor service. Any agent who tries to work outside their area of expertise may have good intentions, but their good intentions could be hazardous to your financial health. At West Real Estate Agency, we will always provide you with the right professional resources to help you accomplish your real estate goal.