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Buying a Home?
We Listen to What You are Looking for in a Home

Welcome to the web site of West Real Estate Agency. As the North Texas area grows and changes, families have more neighborhoods to choose from every year. Many of our clients find themselves looking for a new home when they need to:

  • Company Relocation
  • Accommodate growing families
  • Have a change of scenery
  • Live closer to the workplace

Some clients have lived in their homes for 20 years while others like to move every three. Either way, a new home neighborhood or town might be just what your family needs as everyone’s lives change.

Home Buying Guidance
Choose Wisely – Your Next Home is Involved

Our Agents know that buying a home is always a big investment decision and a major life changing situation. We will offer you guidance through the real estate maze by:

  • Helping you find your dream home
  • Providing information about schools
  • Advising you about property values
  • Negotiating for you with the seller
  • Guiding you through the buying process of writing a contract and closing the transaction

A good real estate agent will provide these, and other services, during the home buying process.

Expertise in All Areas
Benefit from Years of Practical Experience

Not understanding the intricate process of home buying can be costly. West Real Estate Agency has expertise in determining home values and providing information about mortgages, tax and real estate law, title insurance, escrows, pest control, and/or construction techniques.

Knowing of all of these areas is necessary in order to buy a home. Even though most people may understand the theory of buying a home, there’s really no substitute for the years of practical experience. Our skilled professionals have acquired extensive expertise by working in real estate on a daily basis, week after week, year after year.

We Will…
Treat Clients the Way We Like to be Treated

The West’s are full-time real estate professionals with many years of firsthand experience who will attend to your real estate needs seven days a week. We will:

  • Let you know your options so you can make the best decisions for your family
  • Work hours that accommodate your schedule
  • Never rush you
  • Help you find the perfect home

We are familiar with every aspect of the home-buying process and can answer your questions and explain each step involved in the buying process.

Professional Qualifications
Well Educated Agents Provide Better Guidance

As REALTORS, we are required to follow continuing educational requirements and guidelines to obtain a license. The West’s also have degrees from Texas universities so our professional skills are acquired by combining higher levels of educational achievement with years of practical experience.

Our extensive experience is necessary because today’s real estate contracts can easily run ten pages or more, not including the federal and state mandated disclosures and addenda. Most real estate files average thicknesses from one to three inches of paper.

How are REALTORS Paid?
100% Commission in Most Cases

Real estate agents usually work on commission.
The seller will usually pay the commission for the buyer’s agent from the proceeds of the sale of the property. If a property doesn’t sell, the agent does not get paid.

Call or Email with Any Questions You May Have

At West Real Estate Agency we are always ready to answer any questions you may have about real estate. We invite and encourage you to call or email us with your questions at your convenience.

We look forward to saving you lots of precious time…and money.

We can also show you homes after 5, on the weekends or holidays!